Top 10 Morning Ice Breakers

For the shy man, meeting a person of the attractive sex and starting up a conversation with them can be quite an ordeal. This is particularly true when the person is out of his comfort zone, and is more conscious of himself and his actions. But there is a solution to this! By approaching women while carrying on with one’s day-to-day activities, fresh and early in the morning. Below are some suggestions as to how you can break the ice and get talking early in the morning.

Over a Cup of Coffee

To meet an interesting person of the opposite sex, a person may not have a venture beyond his neighbourhood coffee shop. It’s a place to meet people who may share your interests, in an atmosphere that’s not too obvious (a bar, for instance). Offering to buy coffee for a lady breaks the ice, and conversation can take things further.

Sitting Beside Someone
Sometimes, it’s all about keeping one’s eyes open to opportunity – simple questions like “Is this seat taken?” or “May I sit here?” when you notice an attractive person on a bus, train, or at a coffee shop or restaurant can lead to many interesting things.

Over a Puzzle
A common sight in the mornings at coffee shops, buses and even workplaces is that of a person trying to solve a crossword or sudoku puzzle. For someone who enjoys puzzles like these, it’s a chance to find a person with similar interests, and the puzzle gives you a simple way to approach her: “Excuse me, would you know what the answer to 9 across is?” Asking for help makes for a no-stress approach.

At the Gym
The gym is another great place to meet women in the morning, and fitness routines always give a person something to talk about. Breaking is easier if the person begins a conversation about a certain workout, its effectiveness or even by asking for advice.

On the Lift
It doesn’t need something stellar to begin a conversation; just asking a woman which floor she needs to go to, where she works (or lives) can get things started.

“What’s news” or “What’s the time?”
The buses and trains (and even streets) have many people catching up with the news of the day on their way to work. Approaching a woman and asking her what the big story is can start up an interesting conversation, which can then move on to something personal. If that seems too roundabout, asking for the time is sure to get the ball rolling.

On the Bus or Train
The bus (as we’ve said already) is a good place to meet women; they can also be approached for information about a certain stop or terminus. Telling the woman that it’s the first time on the route can make her feel more disposed to helping him.

Women love men who are gallant and helpful. If the man is sitting down on the bus or train and the woman isn’t, the man can get brownie points by offering her his seat. The ‘thank you’ that follows can lead to a conversation between the two. Offering one’s own newspaper is also a good gesture and can make a good impression.