Breakfast in the Top 10 Most Visited Cities

Breakfast is often called “The most important meal of the day” and it’s definitely one meal not to be skipped. The definition of a traditional breakfast can vary from country to country. So if you are travelling abroad shortly, take a look below at what you might expect to be on your plate.

A French breakfast, or petit dejeuner, is very light, and usually includes bread or a croissant with butter and jam. The French usually have black coffee with breakfast, but may have fruit juice. Yoghurt is also becoming popular. Of course, the ideal breakfast setting would be a cafe overlooking the Seine.

A “Full English” cooked breakfast is usually grilled or fried and may include any number of items, the most popular being sausages, eggs, which may be fried, scrambled or poached , tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, fried bread and baked beans. It may also include black pudding and hash browns. The traditional accompaniment is a cup of tea, but coffee, or fruit juice is a popular alternative.

Fruit is a common breakfast food in Bangkok, but spicy dishes are also popular, such as curry and rice accompanied by “prik nam pla”, or Thai chillies in fish sauce.

Kaya toast is a typical breakfast dish in Singapore. Kaya paste, a mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla and pandan leaves, is spread on buttered toast. Soft boiled eggs with soy sauce are another favourite breakfast dish. Coffee, or kopi, is a popular breakfast beverage.

Kuala Lumpur
Roti babi, or “pig bread” is a popular breakfast dish in Kuala Lumpur and is a deep fried sandwich with a pork and crabmeat filling.

New York
New Yorkers will often grab a quick breakfast from a street vendor, but for those with more time to spare, an authentic New York toasted bagel smeared with cream cheese and accompanied by a cup of coffee is the order of the day. For those who want something more filling, a cooked breakfast, including steak, sausage, ham, bread, hash browns and muffins is also a popular option.

Dubai does not really have a signature breakfast dish, as many people do not wake until 10-11 a.m. Most people eat fruit or cereal as a typical breakfast. Foods such as humus and labneh are also eaten for breakfast.

A standard Turkish breakfast would usually be a buffet of items such as bread, olives, honey, cheese, cucumber, tomato, yoghurt and cold meats. This will be accompanied by fruit juice, tea or coffee.

Hong Kong
Steamed rice rolls are a popular breakfast item in Hong Kong and these are eaten with noodles and pork congee or eggs. Deep fried dough sticks are also popular.

The most popular breakfast foods are known as the “Four Heavenly Kings”, which are da bing, a Chinese pancake, sticky rice balls, soy milk and youtiao, or deep fried dough sticks. Breakfast is often bought in snack stores, as people in Shanghai do not like to spend too much time on breakfast.