The Best UK Men’s Shavers

While shaving can be one of the least enjoyable parts of waking up in the morning, getting the right kind of electric shaver can make a significant difference to your experience. When looking for the right kind of shaver, it is important to consider a combination of economy, speed and comfort, charge strength, and ease of cleaning.

The following list represents some of the bestselling shavers currently available in the UK in terms of performance and pricing. They should provide, in no particular order, a good starting place for thinking about the right kind of shaver for your needs and your particular budget limits.

  1. Philips Aquatouch AT890 Wet and Dry
    Philips has long been associated with some of the best quality shavers on the market. Their wet and dry shavers are particularly ideal for quick and easy shaving and trimming in the morning. With waterproof technology providing safety for use in the shower and over the sink, the AquaTouch shaver is also designed to adapt its heads to your face, while featuring high quality contour trimming. At around £60, the AquaTouch represents an excellent mid range shaver that provides comfort, strong battery life, and multiple extras.

  2. Braun Series 7 720
    If you want to spend a bit extra on quality, the Braun Series 7 range offers perhaps the most cutting edge shaving experience at around £90. This shaver uses sonic technology, and multiple heads to provide an extremely close shave, and provides a precision trimmer for longer beards and sideburns. While the main downside to the model is its cost, it should last for a long time.

  3. Braun PocketGo M90 MobileShave
    The Braun PocketGo provides a cheap alternative to more expensive types at around £18 to £20. It uses foil patterns to tackle different hairs, and can be washed under running water. However, while ideal for a quick shave, portable shavers cannot always provide the same level of closeness and battery life as their more expensive counterparts, and might be considered as an optional accessory.

  4. Panasonic Premium ESRF41 Wet and Dry
    Another expensive option at around £100, the Panasonic ESRF41 uses waterproof technology, and high quality foil and precision heads. It does, however, lack some of the extra features of other shavers, but makes up for this by focusing its performance around everyday shaving quality.

  5. Philips PowerTouch PT720
    An excellent midrange choice at around £40, the PowerTouch is particularly strong for everyday dry shaves. While lacking an additional trimmer, and with a low recharge performance, the PowerTouch is a good option if you want an affordable shaver that will perform consistently over time.

Finding the right shaver consequently means having to weigh up economy against long term use, and whether you actually need a lot of extra features. You should also think about whether you like to spend a long time on your morning shave, or if you prefer a cheap option for shaving on the go.