The Top 5 Electric Toothbrushes in the UK

As with most things, it seems impossible to get either the general public or the so-called experts to agree on something as basic as brushing our teeth. Just as one expert has us convinced that, based on scientific fact, their proposal is irrefutable, another will appear and with great indignation proclaim any such evidence as complete nonsense and commence making a strong case for his / her own conclusions. It is left to us then to weigh all the scientific proclamations against our own inclinations. If the decision to change from traditional to powered brushing is taken then one is immediately faced with another dilemma: Which electric toothbrush?

With the many electric toothbrushes on the market come a large variety of functions, all being claimed by the manufacturer as the most beneficial to the health of our teeth and gums. Some rotate, others oscillate and there are even those that do both. Of these the Braun Oral B Triumph 5000 seems hands-down (if dental experts and a large section of the public are to be believed), to be the very best there is. Its rotation oscillation, high-frequency action has been widely acknowledged for its plaque-reducing and superior whitening properties, so much so that it was given a platinum rating by the British Dental Association. One of the strongest arguments against the electric toothbrush is the significant difference in cost between it and its manual counterpart. Retailing at £169.99, one cannot argue but, it can often be found selling at half that price, as on Amazon recently when it was on offer at £84.59.

When deciding on the top five electric toothbrushes available, the various models in the Braun Oral B range make a strong showing as well. These are marketed as: Braun Oral B Professional Care 1000, 2000 and 3000 models and have all had a good reception from both public and dental health sources, although not quite measuring up to the Triumph 5000. In particular, the Professional Care 1000 was thought to need a few more features, although to my mind, the rotating oscillating movement featured in the whole Braun Oral B range is of primary benefit. They are also obviously cheaper than the grander Triumph 5000 and range in price from around £50 to £100, but can also be found at almost half the price if one shops around.

Another hot contender for a spot in the top 5 would be the Philips Sonicare HX6972 Sonic Electric Toothbrush with UV Sanitiser. The recommended retail price on this impressive sounding device is £204 but, it too can be had for less than half of that. It boasts 40,000 rotations per minute and a UV Sanitiser that kills germs. Again, it uses the preferred rotating oscillating movement.

Although new research seems to suggest that manual brushing is every bit as good as electric, some dentists still lean towards the electric toothbrush as being the more useful aid in promoting better oral health. The decision on which to use does however, remain for the individual user to decide.