The Top 5 Alarm Clocks in the UK

Waking up on time and clambering out of bed, can be a right chore, especially on a cold Monday morning. Its especially important to be on time for work, as consistent lateness can lead to disciplinary action. For the meant to be early-riser, success could all be in the type of alarm clock you choose to invest in.

So if you never want to be late for work again and are in the market for an alarm clock, we have listed 5 of the current most popular and efficient choices in the UK:

  1. The Sonic Bomb – priced between £25-30
    It’s as brutal as it sounds; the Sonic Bomb will wake the heaviest of heavy sleepers from the deepest of deep sleeps. It includes a vibrating attachment which is put under the mattress or pillow, and is activated when the alarm sounds. The noise itself is a whooping 113db of noise, which is louder than a chainsaw. The volume can be controlled of course, and it is comforting to know that if the alarm clock (however unlikely) fails, there is the extra insurance of the vibrating pillow.

  2. Flying Alarm Clock – priced between £8-15
    This one is particularly unconventional and unique; the Flying Alarm Clock delivers exactly what it promises by releasing a screwed propeller into the air every time the alarm sounds, and can only be shut off when the propeller is returned to its hook. Created to aid the laziest sleepers, this is sure to have you scrambling out of bed on time in the morning thanks to its active ingenuity.

  3. Edifier i-F200 Alarm Clock – priced between £25-30
    Not enormously expensive by any means, this alarm clock is perhaps the best for attaching your iPod to in order to wake up to your own playlist of songs. It mirrors the traditional speaker docks for iPods, but is designed to activate its own alarm device, and though the sound quality has little bass, it’s a great way to wake the sleeper up, and put them in a good mood with their chosen tunes.

  4. Sony ICFC218S – priced between £15-20
    Again, not overly expensive, and though on the face of it, this alarm clock appears quite generic, it is perhaps the best ‘generic’ alarm clock out there. Its LED display is large, clear, and easy to control, and includes an FM/AM tuner for those who desire early morning radio. The brightness of the LED display varies based on the owner’s wishes and the clock arrives at your doorstep with the time set. The buttons are large, clear, and easy to use in the dark, making this the most efficient and home-friendly alarm clock.

  5. Philips HF3485 Wake-up Light – priced around £100
    Whilst taking a rather large chunk out of the wallet, this incredible alarm clock has supreme benefits which counter the hefty price. Designed to let you wake up in your own time, the halogen lamp starts to brighten gradually half an hour before you wish to rise, and is accompanied by your own controlled choice of natural sounds. Amazingly, it is clinically proven to increase energy levels, and unlike other alarms, is not abrupt in any way.