Milk Delivery Versus Buying from a Shop

Considering getting yourself a Milkman and having milk delivered to your door? This service may be on the decline, but it can be very beneficial for many households. Below are a few pointers to help you decide if milk delivery is right for you.

The big attraction is convenience, fresh milk on your doorstep just when you need it. And, it doesn’t really matter how much milk you need. Most services are very flexible, so you can have as much or as little as you like. The question you need to ask is, does the delivery fit in with your schedule? What time does the milkman pass by your home, and what time do you leave in the morning? For most of us, milk will be there in time for breakfast. If it isn’t, the convenience factor is made a lot less attractive.

Also consider whether milk will be left on your doorstep for any lengthy period of time. If you’ve already gone out by the time the milkman arrives, milk could be outside your home all day. A passer-by may be tempted to take a drink, but it’s far more likely it could freeze in winter, or go off in summer. Nobody likes milk when it’s not fresh.

Cost is another factor. The price of milk is much the same, but the cost of transporting it is especially important in these days of high fuel costs. If your shopping routine includes a weekly ‘big shop’ at a supermarket, and smaller trips for fresh essentials, milk delivery could be ideal for you. Cut out that daily journey to a local shop and you could save yourself a lot of money over time. Also, it’s not just milk you can have delivered. Most services can provide a whole range of dairy and other fresh produce.

Your carbon footprint will be a lot smaller too, that’s if your local store isn’t within walking distance. Milk delivery can be an environmentally friendly option. In comparison to nipping out to the shops in the car, delivery vehicles travel a lot less miles per pint of milk. It’s a far more carbon efficient alternative.

So, let’s quickly recap. If you like your milk as fresh as nature intended, and you’re going to be there to take it indoors promptly, delivery is worth it for the convenience factor. And, if you can avoid time-consuming and costly journeys for just a few small items, you can save time, money and maybe help the environment as well. Remember, milk delivery isn’t for everyone. If it fits in with your lifestyle however, delivery is an opportunity not to be missed.

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