Phone Recycling Vs. Private Sales

With many mobile phone contracts, customers are allowed to take advantage of an upgrade any where from every 12 months to 24 months but this means that old phones are no longer required. The choice then becomes do you keep the old phone for back-up purposes, do you try and sell it privately or do you use one of the many phone recycling services that exist these days.

Convenience Or Price?

It is true that selling your mobile phone privately is likely to bring you the highest price but this is not guaranteed and it often requires more work on behalf of the seller. Recycling companies, however, provide you with an easy way to cash in on your old phone because all you have to do is send them your phone, often in a pre-paid envelope.

You also do not have to risk not getting paid which can happen when selling privately, especially on auction websites where there is always the chance of losing out to a buyer who does not pay.

Every Handset, Every Manufacturer

Another big benefit of phone recycling companies is that they will take pretty much any handset no matter how old and it doesn’t even need to be in working condition for you to get something for it.

Compare this to trying to offload an old, out of date phone privately – nobody is going to want it and certainly not if it is broken.

Why Not Just Bin It?

With very old phones, you won’t get much for them even on recycling websites so you may be wondering why you shouldn’t just put them in the bin. Well, for a little bit of effort on your part, we can keep these old handsets out of landfill and because phones contain some precious metals, these can be recovered and re-used which prevents the need to mine more.

As little as 10% of mobile phones are currently getting recycled each year and this is causing massive amounts of waste to end up in landfill where it will not degrade for thousands of years. Phone recycling companies can make use of so much of a phone that almost nothing ends up in landfill. The batteries are especially important to dispose of safely as these contain hazardous chemicals which can otherwise find their way into the ground and water.

So don’t just put your old phone in a drawer or bin, either sell it privately or send it off to be recycled.