The Best UK Sat Navs

For anyone who spends a great deal of time on the road, whether for business or pleasure, the sat nav has become an essential piece of kit. With more and more developers entering the market, the newer sat navs are packed with useful features, as well as becoming ever more affordable. The following guide will take you through five of the most popular devices currently out there.

  1. Binatone F350 – £49.99
    Binatone is certainly not the most recognisable brand name on this list and that fact is reflected in the price, as this is one of the cheapest sat navs on the market. The interface is not quite as refined as some of its higher priced competitors but, for a budget option, you could do a lot worse. It includes all the basics you will need to get you to your destination and even has safety camera alerts as well.

  2. Navman EZY – £59.99
    Truthfully there are not many differences between the specifications of this device and the cheaper Binatone one: both have 3.5 inch screens and 2-D and 3-D displays. What sets the EZY apart from its cheaper counterpart are the smaller items. It features lane guidance and a speed warning feature, alerting you when you exceed the speed limit with a series of short beeps. At this price, the EZY represents good value, and not just because of the name recognition.

  3. Garmin Nuvi 1200 – £69.99
    Garmin have resisted the urge to tinker with their familiar interface and have instead focused their attention on packing this offering with exciting and innovative new features. The big talking point for this device is the inclusion of ecoRoute software. This software is designed to help you find the most fuel-efficient route for your journey and takes into account your driving style in doing so. It also displays all services in your vicinity and includes safety camera and speed limit warnings.

  4. RAC 5000 – £69.99
    Amazingly, this offering from RAC possesses an impressive 5 inch widescreen display while still coming in at just under £70. Even more remarkable is the fact that this is not just a cheap specifications boost; the screen is genuinely one of the best you will find on a sat nav, giving a fantastically clear representation of the roads and landscape around you. Free safety camera updates for life just add further to the great value of this device.

  5. Navman Panoramic UK – £149.99
    Moving towards the higher end of the market, the Navman Panoramic boasts a whopping 7 inch touchscreen display. Proving that bigger can indeed be better, the screen is tremendously bright and clear. The large buttons also allow easy access. As well as enjoying all the features found on the models further down the food chain, this device includes the option of finding up to four different routing options for your journeys: ranging from the quickest to the most economical.