Buying a Mattress

The right mattress is essential for that good night’s sleep and it can make a big difference if you spend some time choosing the perfect one for you. There are many different kinds of mattress which can be confusing when shopping for one, so here is a quick guide on mattresses and how to choose the best type.

Types of Mattress

The type of mattress you choose depends on what needs you have. Memory foam mattresses are designed to mould to your shape when your body heats it up and give optimum support for your joints. Pocket sprung mattresses are also great for support as their springs are sewn into individual pockets. The springs move independently of each other giving all over body support.

A continuous coil mattress is the most common and is made from one continuous piece of wire which makes up the springs. This is slightly cheaper than other mattresses so is great for those on a budget. Regular foam or latex mattresses are great for those with allergies, particularly to house dust mites, as they are naturally hypo-allergenic.

How to Choose a Mattress

Try before you buy is probably the best tip for mattress shopping. You don’t want to make a purchase that is completely unsuitable for your needs. If you have spinal problems, issues with your posture or joint injuries such as arthritis, then a supportive mattress can work wonders. Memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses are great for support and a moderately firm mattress is best as opposed to the misconception that a hard bed will give more support.

Your mattress should be firm when you first sit on it in the store. If it sags, go for another mattress. Ensure that you have measured your bed base before you go mattress shopping so that they will fit together without any problems.

If you are unsure of what brand to go for, then try researching them first. There may be reviews online from customers which you can use to help you make your choice. Go for a major trusted brand if you are unsure.

Remember, it is important to take good care of your mattress to ensure that you get the most out of it and it lasts. Mattresses need to be turned frequently (with the exception of the memory foam mattress) and they need to be aired now and again. Keep your mattress free from stains by covering it with a washable mattress cover. Also, ban bouncing on the bed as this will wear it out quickly.